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■Wooden Tablet Contents  
Tablet Type
Document Tag Scroll axle Spell / Stupa-shaped grave marker / Sutra-inscribed stupa shape Document sealer
  Shipping tag Calligraphy practice Wooden utensil Shogi piece Other
Japanese era name
Western calendar (year) to (year)
Date (in numbers) (month) (day) to (month) (day)
Ancient province
(/county/village/hamlet name)
Personal name
■Wooden Tablet Shapes  
Form No. Form 011 Form 015 Form 019 Form 021 Form 022 Form 031
  Form 032 Form 033 Form 039 Form 041 Form 043 Form 049
  Form 051 Form 059 Form 061 Form 065 Form 081 Form 091
Description of shape
  Height ~  mm
  Width ~  mm
  Thickness ~  mm
■Discovery Location  
Site Name Location Excavation precinct
  Feature No. Excavation No. Investigating party