Wooden Tablet Image Database[Character Dictionary]
Enter search characters in the text box, and press the "Search" button.   1. When searching from one to four characters, Flash Display can be used, as well as Image and Text Display.
Image Display results take longer to load than Flash Display.
2. When searching for unrestricted numbers of characters, only Image and Text Display can be used.
3. If no search term is entered all images are displayed, resulting in long delays before results appear.
4. Multiple search terms, separated by spaces, produce an OR search.
5. After selecting the search conditions, press the "Search" button.
6. If the Flash plug-in is not installed, select Image Display.

For a detailed explanation of search methods, please see here.
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Search from one to four characters
Search for an unrestricted number of characters
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● Multiple Character Searches

1. Matches returned for a search term include both positively and tentatively identified characters (with the tentative readings given in brackets).
Example: Searching with the term 式部省 (Shikibusho, the Ministry of Personnel Affairs) returns, in addition to exact matches, items such as □〔式ヵ〕部省 and 式□□〔部省ヵ〕.

2. The marker for an undecipherable character (□) functions as a single-character wildcard. Searches made with this wildcard in the search term return all possible matches, including positively and tentatively identified characters, as well as undecipherable characters.
Example: Searching with the term □省 returns 部省, □〔部ヵ〕省, □省, etc.