Wooden Tablet Image Database [Character Dictionary]
■ Introduction
The Wooden Tablet Image Database (Character Dictionary) is a system linking individual character images inscribed on wooden tablets with data about the wooden tablets themselves, including commentary, etc. This digital character dictionary was created and is made accessible by the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, using materials held by the Institute along with those obtained with permission from other organizations.
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■ Terms of Use
1. Unauthorized reprinting or redistribution, etc., of the data (including images and texts) is prohibited.
Publishers and media organizations who wish to use the images must obtain permission of the organization owning the original wooden tablet or other article.
2. The wooden tablet data including commentary is based on the Wooden Tablet Database separately maintained by the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties.
For further information about the notes regarding the wooden tablet data, including the notation system for commentary, refer to the Wooden Tablet Database.
3. When using data from this system for study or research, please clearly indicate the source as the "Wooden Tablet Image Database (Character Dictionary)" in any publications.
4. Please contact the History Section (literary documents), Department of Imperial Palace Sites Investigations, Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties (email:history-labonabunken.go.jp [Please replace with @ mark.]), regarding any questions or problems in using the Wooden Tablet Character Dictionary.
We will continue to add data to the Dictionary, and strive to make the database more convenient by improving the system. We are grateful for any opinions and impressions of the Wooden Tablet Image Database (Character Dictionary) received from users.
5. For best viewing use the latest browsers (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later) with settings for mid-sized fonts and Unicode encoding (UTF-8), and with JavaScript enabled.
■ How to Search
Individual character images on wooden tablets can be retrieved using the Quick Search or the Advanced Search options provided in the menu of the Wooden Tablet Character Dictionary.
(Fig. 1) Click on figure to enlarge. [1] Quick Search:
  Allows searching for images matching a character or string. Results can be filtered to narrow the search.Click the "Quick Search" button.


Advanced search:
  Allows searching for items by setting the details of various parameters.Click the "Advanced Search" button.
[3] Advanced search:
  Detailed Information: Click the "Details" button on the result window of either the Quick or Advanced Search Result, or on the links appearing in any Text Display window, and a Detailed Information Window will be displayed.
■ Explanatory Notes

The Wooden Tablet Character Dictionary displays each article in conformity to the explanatory notes of the separately maintained Wooden Tablet Database.

See the Explanatory Notes of the Wooden Tablet Database here>>
■ Organization
Institutions Granting Permission for Use of Images/Materials.
Kyushu Historical Museum
Higashi-Hiroshima Foundation for Affairs of Culture Education (Higashi-Hiroshima City)
Hamamatsu City Museum
Kunisaki City Board of Education
Tohoku History Museum