Wooden Tablet Image Database [Character Dictionary]

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(Fig. 13) Click on figure to enlarge.
1. Detailed Information Window(Fig. 13)
From the results of a Quick or an Advanced Search, clicking the "Details" button under a wooden tablet image, or the tablet’s text, produces the Detailed Information Window.
The Detailed Information Window allows viewing character images and detailed data for each wooden tablet.
All of the character image data can be viewed for each wooden tablet.
[1] Clicking a character image brings up a separate Enlarged Viewing Window focused on that portion of the text.
[2] Clicking the tablet’s image brings up a separate Enlarged Viewing Window at a larger scale.
[3] Results from previous searches can be retrieved from the "Search History" drop-down box.
[4] Click here to return to the search results.
Detailed data for each wooden tablet is displayed here. For details, see the Explanatory Notes of the separately maintained Wooden Tablet Database, which can be viewed here>>.

Links to annotations of words and phrases of wooden tablets are displayed in XML format.

Clicking links in [5] above, or examples fitting the description of [6] ,opens relevant pages in Mokkan Hiroba(Wooden Tablet Plaza) and other websites.


(Fig. 14) Click on figure to enlarge.
2. Enlarged Viewing Window(Fig. 14)
[1] Images shown in this window can be switched when available between color, monochrome, infrared, and recording notebook images, by pressing the corresponding button (bottom right).
[2] Images can be scaled larger or smaller, and moved both horizontally and vertically.
[3] When the mouse is held over a character image, the text is displayed in a tooltip (hover box).
[4] Click the "Close" button to exit the window.